Yes, I realize this is not the latest version ...

.... and yes I confess this is my first time installing Netware.

But I am following Novell's study guide to the letter and I've done quite
a bit of searching before breaking down and coming here to ask.

My installation is going great all the way up to the point where I'm
askedd to select a Storage Device and network board (step 8 in Novell's
CNA Study Guide for Netware 6). Both the CDIDE and the HDIDE are detected
no problem, as apparently is the network card.

When I hit continue the installation goes into "I'm doing something now"
mode... then a few seconds later I get an error message that reads:

File "C:\NWSERVER\IDEATA.DDI" cannot be opened. Error: error code 83 (53

If I have it retry it fails again, and again and agein. If I tell it to
skip the problem, it encounters another issue with another filename and
then the install bombs out to the screen that shows the progress/loading
of NLMs and nothing happens anymore.

Any suggestions on how I should troubleshoot this further?