Hi all,
Unsure what forum to post this to, or if anyone here will have any ideas,
but worth a shot.

One of our netware boxes has the full pervasive engine installed (so
updated from the btrieve version that comes with NW).. Pervasive 8. This
is used by a Pervasive database on the server that is the database for
our student records system.

Client PC's have the Pervasive client installed and the student record
application. What I've found is if the user does not close down the
application properly (easiest way to replicate that is turn the PC off
without shutting it down), the user's connection to each of the
Pervasive data files is left open indefinitely (ghost connections, if you
like). If you shut the app down properly, the connections are closed
nicely. This eventually starts to cause issues once there's lots of
these ghost connections.

The live system is running on Netware 6.0 SP5. I have built a test box
with NW 6.5 SP4 and the same thing occurs on that.

i'm wondering if anyone has any ideas on things to try in order to get
these connections clearing. I'm thinking possibly TCP timeout settings
or something ? FYI, The NW server in question is not used for anything
other than this function.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions,