I have 4 Servers and 150 user

3 Server are Novell 5.1
1 Server is Novell 6.0 (recently installed
I have 200 Licenses for Novell 5.1 and
90 Licenses for Novell 6.0

At the moment only 10 user in the EDP-Department are using the Novell 6.0
(Because I donīt have enough for all 150 Users)

And Novell no longer sells Novell 6.0 Licenses

3 Questions ??
If I buy 30 novell 6.5 -(Enterprise Server?) Licenses can then 150 users be
logged-on to the Novell 6.0 Server - thatīs were all the data is?

I presume I would have to convert 1 of the 5.1 servers to 6.5 not just
install the licenses?


Why is it that when I look at the Product License Report I see

In Use Installed
Novell+Netware 5 Conn SCl+510 106 200

Novell+Netware 6 Conn SCl+60 90 90

Why is everyone using Novell 6.0 already even though they are not mapped to
it and what about those who arenīt in Novell 6.0 what are they missing??

I havenīt had are calls from user complaining, but I thought ONLY user
mapped or logged-on got a license.

Thanks in advance

Mike Bauchop