We have a mixed enivronment of NetWare 5 and NetWare 6.5 servers. The
NetWare 6.5 servers have been patched to SP2. We were concerned as to
what SP3 would do. Well, we have finally upgraded a single server to SP3.
After the upgrade we began to experience a timesync issue on the
upgraded. Currently, all servers are using TIMESYNC.NLM. They are all
configured to get their time from a specified time source. This time
source is a Linux server. After the upgrade the SP3 server will no longer
timesync to this time provider using TIMESYNC. The NTP packet times out.
The SP3 server can still PING the time provider server... just not get a
time from it. All other servers are still doing fine. I have searched as
to what could be the cause but I have come up short after numerous hours
of research and adjusting. Has anyone experienced this issue?

Phil Arnold