Hi all,

I am not too sure if the issue is related to NW65 SP3 or SP4 as they
were applied within a couple of weeks of each other.

I noticed, not long after applying SP3 that I was getting a warning on
my user licence count, at the time I took a cursory look at the
situation, got somewhat confused with Remote Managers licence
information and got sidetracked before I could investigate further. I
figured as we have added a couple of users that I would be getting
close to requiring new user licences.

I applied SP4 a couple of days ago to address a NetStorage abend and
have now got back to checking on the licencing issue.

It turns out that looking in iManager that some of my users are
consuming more than one licenced connection.

My user object had two connections, and the connections were different
in two respects, the IP Address and the first letter of the username
was in a different case:
username: scott
and another entry
username: Scott
each consuming a user licence

I have several users in the same situation, and one where there was a
trailing space over her username before the users context.

Now I understand that some of the newer login methods can cause a
couple of issues if not correctly configured, especially with Universal
Password. I checked in iManager to see if Universal Password was on,
and it looked like it was (there was a dot beside the enabled - I
didn't realise that I should have been looking at the text above - not
the radio button :( ) so I turned it off - but when I checked back, I
saw that the radio button still had a dot beside it, which is when I
noticed the text above...so, I am not entirely sure if Universal
Password was on or off...

Almost all the clients on the network are 4.90sp2 and NMAS turned off,
and definitely all the users that I have had double ups on.

At least one of the double ups occurred on a user that never logs into
the Network for files (she doesn't have the Netware Client installed),
she has a Groupwise 6.5 account (using Client / Server) and access for
BorderManager 3.8.
It appears that she had two licenced connections when, as I understand
it, she should have none.

But even users that I would expect licenced connections appear to have

Anyone have any ideas?