I have Netware 6.5 SP4 and BackupExec 9.1.1158.4 (the current version)
with the Open File Module (OFM). As soon as the backup job kicks in I
get the following. NSS-3.00-5000 Volume servername/SYS is being
deactivated. Then the server reboots. Is there a work around for this?
Will memory settings control this. I have a post in the Veritas forum
and I'm going to open up a call but other folks in that forum were told
to try memory settings.

From what I have seen the OFM has had long standing issues with
Netware. Does anybody use it and have success? I have it on a Windows
2000 Server and the SQL module and have no issues. Of course it is a
different version of BackupExec 10.0.5220 SP1.