This is a separate problem from the OFM post.

Just using BackupExec and no other modules such as OFM causes my Netware
6.5 SP4 server to reboot. I have a call/case number with Veritas and
they had me send them a config.txt, Abend.log and bediag.fax. They also
have me doing a bediag for tonights backup.

With Netware SP3 the OFM had issues with NSS and caused NSS-2.2.70-5005
and NSS-3.00-5001 errors.

The support guys first comment after a quick look at the abend.log is
that he thinks Netware is having issues with memory perhaps caused by

I will have the log files from the bediag and talk with him tomorrow. He
said that he needed to take some time to look at the files that I sent him.

Is anyone else having issues with BackupExec?