Have it all configured, but can NOT login to it

Added replica to the server (in case, but did not change anything)
In dstrace I get:

18: Create NMAS Session
18: NCPCheckIfLocalUser: client supplied user DN SCerazy.it support
18: NCPCheckIfLocalUser: checking actual user DN CN=User1.OU=IT Support
18: NCPCheckIfLocalUser is NOT a local user.
18: Contacted .CN=SERVER.O=SPGS.C=UK.T=TREE. (NMAS 2.6) for remote login
18: Remote login will use .CN=SERVER.O=SPGS.C=UK.T=TREE. (NMAS 2.6)
18: sendProxyClientInfo: client address not available
18: NMAS_CanDo sendMessage 0
18: NMAS_CanDo sendMessage 0
18: Client Session Destroy Request
18: Remote Session Destroyed
18: Destroy NMAS Session
18: Aborted Session Destroyed (with MAF)