Our network is very small and simple, 1 server, that was running nsbs 5.1
which we needed to upgrade to 6.6, that is nsbs 6.5 sp3. The server boots
and is running and the sys volume is mounted but the workstations can't log

The installation went OK except.

1. I skipped the zip file dirxmlli since it couldn't open it.
2. There was a problem installing the licenses. The prompt told me the
licenses could be installed with imanager. I can access the server with
internet explorer but can't access imanager.
3. I tried updating the NSS volume as instructed, nss /
zlssvolumeupgrade=all, and nothing happened. Maybe it's because we only have
one volume.

The error messages on the client workstations are"

1. login-lcnwnt32.dll - 923 an unexpected error has occurred 18(8801)
2. login-lcnwnt32.dll - 740 This utility could not execute external
program \\1400_srv\sys\public\nalexpld.exe
3. login-lcnwnt32.dll - 430 The following drive mapping could not be
completed [*1=sys] error code 8804.
4. login-lcnwnt32.dll - 430 Couldn't map to sys:public error code 8901.

TID10064391says to delete volume, run dsrepair/advanced options/check volume
objects and trustees. I didn't delete the volume but did run the dsrepair.
There was one error found and it was repaired.

Please suggest something that is not as drastic as deleting the volume.

I look forward to your comments. We're dead in the water till we get our
only server up and running.

Thanks in advance for your help.