Per: NetWare 6.5 SP3 Updated SERVER.EXE - TID2971567
While trying to extract the nw650s3a.exe I keep getting an error when it
trys to extract the nw650s3a\startup\server.exe. It shows “Can’t open
nw650s3a\startup\server.exe” then the next line shows “Skipped

All other files extract as expected. I have downloaded the file four
different times over the past two days. Still get the same result. I am
preparing to migrate an old HP Sever running NW 6.5 SP2 to a new HP ML370
and wanted to move up to SP3. I have already completed the Post SP3 NSS
modules for NetWare 6.5 - TID2971622 portion.

Any help would be appreciated.