Hi all

Finally got the license file email to me today from the distributor/Novell.

I've just used nwadm32 (loggin as admin) on an xp terminal to install the

When I chose the file that was in the root of the floppy it came up with 5
five user licences and said did I want to add the 25 user licence which I

I typed version at the console prompt on the server and it still showed demo
licences. I've restarted the server but still the same

Server License: Novell Netware 6 Server 650 SN 90367325
User Licenses: Novell Netware Demo User 650 (Hard Stop)

In NWADMN32 under the Novel Netware 6 User + 650 I have 5 Identical serial
numbers which I assume are my new licence

Please can you advise if this is cortrectly installed (I suspect not) I was
expecting somewhere for it to show me I had a 25 user licence

Thanks in advance

Andrew Kennard