Hi Everybody, Last week I was doing a new install of NetWare 6.5 on a new
server. The install went fine up to the point where I was asked where in the
tree I wanted to install the new server. I could browse to the location, but
it would not allow me to install it there, so I installed in another
container located in a different office. I was then able to proceed
normally. My thought was that I would just move the server object to the
correct container today. Since there was no rush for this server to be
operational, and I seldom get a chance to install NW 6.5, I decided to do a
new install. The install starts off fine, but I get stuck when it tries to
load the driver for the CD ROM drive. I get the following message 'No
storage device was detected in the system. Load the appropriate driver
(HAM).' Even though I am installing from the CD (so I know it is working), I
can get no further. I did not have this problem before, and I am using the
same CD.Any ideas?