3 NSS-related questions:

1st question: Due to limited $$'s in a non-profit company, we are doing in-place upgrades on the majority of our ~57 Novell servers. We've been upgrading them from NW6.0 SP5 to OES SP1 with no problems (Proliants) so far.

The servers have between 2 gig and 4 gig ram. I see many articles on performance tuning for NSS volumes. I would like to know what settings I should adjust under OES with servers that have only TFS volumes. I thought I had read that settings must be placed in the nssstart.cfg file, which must be created in c:\nwserver. However, it seems that the one I've read about mainly - cachebalance - is settable from monitor / novell storage services as well. I changed it from 85% to 30% within monitor, rebooted the server and the change stuck.

So, my question is, what parameters should I change - and should they be changed in nssstart.cfg or monitor? I know that the _ADMIN volume is NSS and my CDs mount as NSS volumes, so I can't completely zero-out the nss settings.

2nd question - we have several servers that we are doing across the wires migrations on to new hardware. They are our Groupwise domain servers. The new pre-mig state servers will have OES SP1 and 3 NSS volumes (SYS:, VOL1:, ADMIN:), and one small TFS volume which will be used for any apps with nss issues (bordermanager cache....). Any special considerations for GroupWise and NSS?

3rd question - We have had problems for years with ARCserve's (now running 11.1) slow backup when it hits Novell directories with tons of small files (Groupwise, NAL snapshots...). Will moving the servers to NSS help with this issue? It could allow me to persuade the uppers to buy new hardware if so.