I'll try my best to explain the recent problems on our network.

Windows 2000 SP4, CL32, 4.83SP2 and 4.90 SP1a

Main location: 4x NW65SP2
1 Co location: 1x NW65SP2
Other locations, no own server, logging in directly at the servers at the

Cisco VPN (PIX 506 and 515E)
IP only

No problems or what so ever in that situation. About 9 weeks ago I upgraded
the servers to SP3, including the N65NSS3A and NW65OS3A.

Since the installation of SP3, clients at different locations (without their
own server) are complaining about login problems: "Tree or server cannot be
found" At that moment, I can ping that workstation and the workstation is
able to ping to the treename and the servername. If you wait about 5
minutes, you can login normally, but some of the mappings fail.
(LGNWNT32.DLL-890, 8884) Also, if they are lucky to receive the mappings,
during the day all the mappings are lost and they have to reset their
computer, wait for 5 minutes and if they are lucky, they can login, or not

We've done al lot of research, tried different client versions, reconfigured
SLP, doublechecked our DNS, checked SLP another time. Even when I manually
configure SLP at the client, the mappings are not made correctly or they are
lost during the day.

Yesterday I received the first complaints from people at our main location.
They loose their mappings either now... and receive the errors during login
while mapping the drives.

(part of) loginscript:
(tried also with FS01/VOL1:)


DISPLAY SLP SERVICES at all server consoles displays 44 of 44 Total URL's.

When I look at the connections in NRM, all workstation objects, and user
objects are displayed more than once, with different login dates.

We have an unlimited user license, so that can't be the problem.

I'm out of my options, don't know what to do know....

Thanks for any help in advance,