I have just upgraded a NW 5.1 Pentium III 933 MHz, 1 GB RAM server to NW 6.5 SP3.
This server is also running Groupwise 6.5.3.

I have a trusted application running on this server that connects to our PBX for calendar sync.
This application is somewhat heavy for the server, taking a lot of CPU power.

After upgrade to NW 6.5 this server seems to be running slower than it did with NW 5.1.

I notice that in the Groupwise clients it takes longer time
to fetch messages in Sent Items and Inbox than it did before
the upgrade.

So what shall I do about this ?
Right now I can't switch to new server hardware but I can
install a second CPU in the server and add more RAM.

Would adding another CPU and double the RAM cure my problems ?

Lars-Gunnar Nihlman