We have an 18 server NW6 sp4 eDir 8.6.2 Tree we are planning on upgrading
over the next weekend.

We plan to upgrade our master server first with the NW65sp4/OES Overlay CD,
using the inplace method.

We have run through several scenarios in our test lab. One concern is
running the mixed NW6sp4 and NW65sp4/OES together for a few weeks - if not a
couple of months. Mixed eDir versions OK?

Two sites are running NCS and clustered GW in a DELL/EMC CX400 SAN
environment. Those two sites also run non-clustered ZFD on standalone
servers - which are also our Master and aRWs of the Tree. Six of our
servers are at remote sites across WAN links - running ZFD and GW at those
sites - non-clustered.

Any gotchas or other notes we should be aware of?