Good afternoon all,

I have a user who is in the network and he connects to the
newly migrated NW6.5sp3 (OES) server on the network which
is in the same tree as the user. He has rights to a folder on a volume.
This user is connecting to the server using MAC OS X 10.3.9. When he
enters his user name and password he gets the following Error: An AFP
error has occurred. So I go and check the error logs and and see there
was a licensing error. So I apply the licenses using NW Admin and make
sure that they are applied. I also check how many are not in use and
then I try to login with said user and I get the same result. I check
the Rights for the user and they are correct. I reapplied the rights and
still the same issue. I recreate the user and reapplied the rights and
still the same issue. I also had a reboot after the licenses are
applied. What can I do from here...


Jay Zie
Certs: A+, CNA 4.11, CNA 5.0, ACHDS

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