My company 40 ide disk (Western Digital Model WD400 40 Gb) to replace de
ide disk in our 20 servers (2 disk per server) when I try to install on of
it disk on one server (pc compaq PIII ) I get and error when the server
copy files to dos partition (for example when copy server.exe from service
pack it work for 10 min). after the service pack finished and reboot I get
and error when run server.exe because this file is corrupt, I go to dos
and copy server.exe and the server run fine but in a lapse of 10 minutes
to 1 hour the server has a Lock with the disk light on. I do the
instalaton with the other pc (same model) and other disk (same model) with
the problem is the same. I check with ide drives from sp1,sp2,sp3,sp4 and
the problems is the same.
I install w2000 and linux with this hardware and all work fine.
I'm sure that the problem is de drivers from ide disk...
Has anyone hear to something about this ??
thanks a lot.