I'm getting ready to upgrade three nw6sp5 servers to 6.5sp4. (I have
downloaded the 6.5sp4 overlay.)

We currently have eDir ... do I need to upgrade to

There is a TCP update for 6.5. Do I need that or should I wait to see if
there is a problem with what we have?

We are running ArcServe 11 for backups. I have the files from tsa5up16
loaded. There is a tsa5up18 patch ... should I apply this? Any other
patches I might need for ArcServe?

I understand the installation deployment give me a list of what I need to
upgrade in order to continue the install, but some of these patches can be
quite large. Since I've got to do the upgrades Saturday night, I'd rather
have the bulk of them downloaded and exploded so that I can get out of
here as soon as possible!