Ever since Netware 4.11 I've read and heard of the Novell promise of multi-
processor enabled services support in their Netware line of OSes but the
closest experience I've ever got was the "illusion" of multi-processor
enabled support through the utilization screen in Monitor nlm. where one
would see the total utilization figure of the server being equally divided
by the total number of processors present in the box (i.e if the total
processor utilization of the device is 80% in a two-processor server one
would see the Utilization value in monitor.nlm equals 40); however, as
soon as one goes to the kernel|Processors screen of monitor.nlm one finds
that while one processor is doing all of the work, the other one is
practically sitting idle.

Now that I have upgraded all of my servers to Netware OES sp1 I see that
things have not changed much (monitor.nlm is still dividing the total load
of the server by the total number of processors in the box). Nevertheless,
I find myself in need to upgrade my hardware as well and I am seriously
debating whether or not to buy multi-processor-enabled hardware but since
I have not installed services like iFolder, iPrint, Netstorage, eGuide or
Virtual office I would like to know if any of these services REALLY take
advantage of this. If they do I would like to be pointed to downloadable
documentation so that I could justify this expense to my manager.

Thank you in advance for your help on this matter, any information will be
greatly appreciated it.

Many Thanks,