I am in the middle of planning for an Exchange Migration to GroupWise 6.5
SP3 for a company that we are affiliated with. They have a different email
domain than we do. Through the forums, I was shown how to set up the Post
Office and GWIA so that users on a Post Office can send and receive email
with their old domain name.

My challenge now is trying to deal with duplicate userids. I believe that
GroupWise does not support the ability to create duplicate userIDs. I
somehow need to preserve their original email address at nearly all costs.

a current user on our present system would show as
a user created on this new post office would have the internet address
override, allowing for
userxyz@springharbor.org to be a valid internet email address. I know that
I can create a different user-id in edirectory and then create a different
ID in GroupWise, but it has to be unique.

I've tried creating a Gateway Alias for this situation and it doesn't help.

I have about 500 accounts to migrate and probably have around 20 duplicate
IDs to contend with. I'm also meeting with Senior staff to discuss this
issue tomorrow morning (Thursday) at 11:00am to go over this issue and I'd
like to have options.

One ugly option is to put a second GroupWise system in place, complete with
a second GWIA, a dedicated POA & MTA for this server. Can you run a GWIA,
MTA & POA on the same box? If so, can I perform busy searches against users
in that system?

Paul Caron, CNE, MCSE
Maine Medical Center