I have a NW6.5 SP3 server that had most of the contents of the sys: (files
not directories) deleted. The server then crahsed before I discovered the

I'm now stuck with a server that will boot to the command prompt but can't
go any further since most of the NLM's, and other files were deleted.

What is the best way to recover from this?

I was going to re-install 6.5SP3 but since I can't get the install GUI up,
my only option is to boot from the install CD. When booted from the CD, my
only option is to wipe everything out and start over.

Is there a command-line salvage utility that would allow me to undelete
these files?

Is there a way to invoke a file copy from the install CD so that I can get
the system\ directory back to that I can at least get the server back on the
network? Once back on the network, I should be able to use the standard
netware client CD to get everything else back.