Hello to all

I'm running 2 nw6 sp5 with patch and 1 separate (tree) nw6.5 with sp4 and
post s4 patch.

Up until I updateds the 6.5 with the sp4 I was able to log in from my work
station to either one of the 2 tree without any problem. Now when I want to
log in the nw6.5 i need to completely reistall the client on my workstation
and then I can log in.
If I log in first a to the nw6.5 and then want to log in the nw6.0 I have no
I use the nw6.5 with border maager 3.8 sp4 also for proxy authentication.
and i have to problem authenticate via web to the server.

I hope my post makes sense!

Thank you in advance