We are a finance company. Getting to be considerable in size, we are
starting to see increasing requirements for standby servicing of our
accounts and increased disaster recover requirements.

We were looking into 3rd parties that do offsite backup of our data
either ongoing or at night.

What is available for the Netware environment. We are currently a
single server 5.1 environment but will be shortly adding a 2nd or more
servers and moving to OES Netware kernel. We are based in Central

Some initial inquiries have yielded that the services are only available
for Windows Servers, not netware.

What are our options available and recommendations on how to provide
adequate backup. We have maybe $200 million in finance receivables. I
would guess they are looking to 9/11 type disasters. In our area,
that would come normally under natural disaster, specifically tornados.

Thanks for any thoughts, or direct me to a more appropriate forum.

The cost may be currently prohibitive, but I don't want to do Windows
Servers, we already have 3 for citrix/document mgt/faxing/internal web
services for document management.