We had a NetWare 6.5 SP2 server that was freshly installed back at the
beginning of the year that we did an overlay upgrade to OES NetWare SP1
two weeks ago and applied n65nss4a. After the upgrade everything
initially seemed to work fine but then when people tried to reindex a
Visual Foxpro database, go into a Timeslips database or archive a
message to a GroupWise Archive that was on the server, we got
variations of a 'disk full' error. If we renamed the directory and
restored the database from backup we could operate normally. If we put
the original directory back, we got the same problem.

After opening an incident with Novell, the fix seemed to be to issue
the command:

NSS /nouserspacerestrictions=vol1

Even though we had never set disk space restrictions for any users the
NSS property for 'User Space Restrictions' was set to 'Yes' in NSSMU
for both SYS and Vol1. This had not been a problem before but appears
to be a problem with SP4.

Checking on all my servers, I found that the User Space Restrictions'
property was set to 'yes' for all SYS volumes - I think as a default
condition. It was set to 'no' for some non-sys volumes and 'yes' for
others, even though we have never done anything with user space
restrictions. It did not seem to be a problem before SP4.

Has anyone else seen this? If you are not restricting user disk space
on NetWare volumes, is there any reason you can't turn off 'User Space
Restrictions' on all volumes?