I have updateted 5 NW65SP3 server to SP4 (incl.n65nss4b).
4 server running fine one server have some problems:

1. Can't upload drivers for iprint with imanager (same broker from otherimanagers runs fine)
2. Can't login to https:<servername>:2200
I get the login in promt.
If i try to login (with admin) i got the message "User not authorized"
If i take an wrong user or password the message it "Problem logging in: javax....."
3. If i want to connect with LDAPTOOL i got the message "ldap_get_context_identity_name: Protocol error (LDAP error:2)"
But it looks like that the connect is ok !!
4. If i unload nldap and load nldap only the following modules are autoloded
The Modules LBURP.NLM and LDAPXS.NLM wan't be loaded.

I think all problems have the same reason. I think LDAP is the problem.

The following things i have done:
I have recreate the ldap objects (server and group) with the imanager and i have reinstalled ldap.

What can i do to fix it, what's going wrong ??
Thank's in advanced and excuse my verry bad english.