I have updated my NetWare 6.5 servers from SP3 to SP4a. After the update was
applied, copying files from server is slow. But if I copy a file to the
server, it is at normal speed.
Watching Novell's remote manager while copying from the server shows LAN
traffic rises up to 10-11,5 MB/s and fall down immediately to 2-3 MB/s. When
I copy the same file back to the same location it goes up to the maximum
speed (10-11,5 MB/s) till the file copying is finished. My test file is an
600MB iso image.

I updated two servers. It's the same behaviour on both machines.

Server 1:
- HP Proliant ML 350 G3
- 2048 MB RAM
- Raid 5, all NSS Volumes
- Intel (ce1000.lan), Broadcom (Q57.lan) GBit NICs

Server 2:
- P4 1,5
- 1024 MB Ram
- Raid 5, all NSS Volumes
- 3Com (3C2000.lan) GBit NIC

The two servers are attached to a GBit backbone switch, my Windows 2000
Client (NW Client 4.91 SP1) to a 10/100 Port of a client switch.


Quirin Pasquay