I currently have a 6.5 Sp4 server up and running and am trying to install
a second 6.5 Sp4 server using the overlay cd's. The problem I'm having
may not fit in this forum, but I figured I'd try here first. There are
two network cards in the new server. Both have available IP's assigned
to them. I have no problem pinging the new server from the existing
server nor do I have any problem pinging the new server from a
workstation. What I do have a problem with is pinging anything from the
new server. I can't even get the gateway to respond. During IP setup, I
entered in the same DNS information that's on the existing server as well
as all of our workstations. I also entered information for the new
server within the DNS server. When I use a ping program that also
returns the hostname of a computer, I can get the server to respond to
the ping, but it won't send back it's hostname. Network cabling is not
the problem. I don't understand how I can ping the server from anywhere
on the network, but the server itself can't even ping the gateway.
During installation I was also able to browse for my existing Tree, log
in to the tree, and then continue to browse the various contexts for new
server installation. I'm not using IPX. Any help or directions towards
help are greatly apprectiated.