I have installed a Netware 6.5 server into a tree consisting primarily
of a Netware 5.1 server. Everything works fine. I installed the
Netware 6.5 server to replace a 3.12 server. We have installed the
users from the 3.12 server to the 6.5. The users who were connected to
the 3.12 server were and are still using Dos with the netx.exe dos
client. They are able to log into the 6.5 server with no problem but
the login script does not execute.
We have a few questions since it has been awhile that we have messed
with the dos workstations.

1. Do they require the vlms in order to log into the nds?
2. Or is there a way for them to still use the netx.exe and perform a
bindery login and still have access to a login script other than the
default built into login.com?
3. We need to move the license for the 6.5 server into another place
for users to have access, is it proper to delete and reinstall or can
you simply move the nds object to another location?
4. If we have to reinstall the license do we need to use Imanager or
can Nwadmin also be used to install the license?
5. This is the trial license for 6.5 and we are in the process of
receiving our full license, if we delete that license will there be a
problem installing it into another organization unit or will the server
basically say you can't install it again?

Thanks for the help