Installing new Netware 6.5 on a brand new Intel Server with:
Intel SE7320VP2 motherboard, withSRCU42X U320 Raid controller option
(NetWare 6.5 certified)
Bios set - all the SATA stuff is turned off
The SCSI raid array looks and tests perfect from the RAID utility
We are using 4 Fuji MAT3073NC Ultra320 73.5 gig drives arranged in hardware
as Raid 5

Netware begins to install great booting from Netware 6.5 install CD sp3.
The install then -
loads IDEATA.HAM drivers for CD-ROM
loads MEGA4_XX.HAM for Raid Array (download version from Intel certified for
Netware 6.5 sp3) from floppy
creates 500 MB dos boot partition
creates 4 gig SYS partition
starts copying files to SYS:PUBLIC

then about 50 files into the copy the problem occurs....

hard freeze at 1% of file copy, completely frozen (reset button required)
toggling to logger or console screen before freeze gives no info, no toggle
possible after the freeze -
console log is empty -
the files the install said it copied got to the partition, but nothing else

This has happened three times booting from different media. Is it
controller settings, drivers, bios, raid settings or hard drive problems?

Many thanks in advance