hello i think i have a problem whit my memory on a netware 6.5 sp3 server.

It has the following setup

NW6.5 sp3
4 pools
apps 50GB
beheer 75 GB
data 575 GB
vol1 25 GB

The server has 2048 MB RAM

there are no other NLM loaded than just the normal NW NLM it its just a
file server.

In my NRM onder the List Modules this is the information NNS.nlm is giving

NSS.NLM 3.22 7 Jun 2005 1,259,548,208 KB

So NSS.nlm i using 1.2GB of my RAM.

Is this a normal ????

Hope someone can help mee, the last weeks i have problems whi this server.

Thanx Dave