I am receiving this error all of a sudden on my server and backup exec
errors out as if there is some connectivity problem.
Here is the error at the CLI:
informational ADPU320-1.11-0
host adapter hardware error
PCI Error Detected
I went to HPs website with the error and thought i found a fix. I
downloaded a selfextracting nlm and ran it on the server only tofind that
it apparently does not have that particular hardware config...what I have
a hard time understanding is how..a server is running fine and then all of
a sudden it needs an updated nlm...no changes (that I am aware of should
have necessitated this.
Server specs
HP Proliant ML370 P3 1ghz processor
Backup Exec 9.1
Ultrium 100/200gb tape backup
Netware 5.1 SP7
I need help, I havent had a successful backup in 3 days.