We would like to change the tree and context of a novell server. Which is
the best procedure?. Situation is as follows:
The final tree and context already exist and contain several novell servers.
Server to be changed:

Tree: Testtree
Context: arg.fr
Server: s_server

We want to move it to

Tree: Prodtree
Context: arg.be
Server: s_server

I thought to do it like this:

0.- Server "disconnected" from the rest of the network
1.- Rename the context using C1(arg.fr => arg.be)
2.- Modificate Autoexec.ncf, line containing "set bindery context"
3.- reboot server
4.- Tree rename using dsmerge
5.- reboot server
6.- Rename of volume objects
7.- Server connected again to the network

Is that right of do I have to expect some "trouble". Does anybody know a
better procedure?

Thanks in advance,

Ricard Malvesi