Upgrading an SBS 6.0 server to SBS6.5. It has an Adaptec 2005S ZCR
card with a RAID-5 array. When it was a 6.0 server, it was happy with
the BKSTROSM.HAM driver. Now, it won't shut down properly, and I
suspect it is because of this driver. Looking through various TIDs,
I see that Novell is not going forward with anything that involves
these I2O controllers. Is there some other driver I'm supposed to
switch over to using?

I didn't think the 2005S isn't that old. What's going on here? If we
can't get updated drivers for these, it will mean that these customers
have to replace motherboards, controllers, CPUs, RAM - the works, if
they want to upgrade. They just did hardware upgrades not too long ago
- maybe two years...