NetWare 6.5 SP4 with the proper steps taken from TID 10098928 to patch it up to 4a - including N65nss4b and btcpcom. Proliant ML350 G3 Xeon 3.066 GHz with 3.5 Gig RAM. Single Processor. Hyperthreading disabled. Only TFS volumes.

We are still getting the 'server logical address space is running low. Increase the available logical space by restarting the server with the -u897744896 switch' message on the console. We thought bumping up to 4a (from SP4 overlay) would fix it, but it didn't.

The server runs ARCServe 11.1, GroupWise 6.5 Post Office, DHCP, NDPS, ZEN workstation/inventory, and Apache 2.0.54 (not sure I need that screen though).

Here are various settings and stats (seg.nlm):

Btrieve's BTI.CFG:

MaxCacheUsage = 5
CacheSize = 250000 (we had it at 20% of total ram, but lowered it after adding 1.5 Gig RAM)


NSS Cache Balance Percent = 5 (set in monitor - shows 5 in nss status as well)


Top 6 NLMs (all Meg)

NWMKDE - 261
SERVER - 102
DS - 23.9
NSS - 16.4
APACHE2 - 15.9
GWPOA - 13.8

Seg Advanced Screen:

File System Cache Pool:

Pool Size - 1018.0 Meg
Available Pool: 1.64 GB
Original: 3.50 GB
NSS Cache: 90.3 Meg
NSS Available: 87.6 Meg

Virtual Memory Cache Pool

Pool Size: 2.01 GB
Available: 1019.2 MB

NLM Space: 1.84 GB
User Space: 704 Meg

Server: -u705000000
File & VM Optimized: WATCH

Any ideas where to troubleshoot? We are getting these logical space messages on all servers we have upgraded from NetWare 6.0 SP5 to either 6.5 SP3, 6.5 SP4, or 6.5 SP4a.

Thank you,