I had a NW6.5 server running SP3 with OS and NSS patches for a few months
and started getting the following messages:
Server logical address space is running low. File Cache Maximum Size has
been set to 1086324736.
Server logical address space is running low. Increase the available
logical space by restarting the server with the -u676102144 switch.

There were no changes made to the server regarding installs, patches, etc.

I did not apply the -u switch because SP4/4a was supposed to resolve a
lot of memory issues, so I decided to apply SP4a.

I got an alert in NRM that Available Memory was low. In Physical Server
Memory, Available Memory has changed from pre-SP4a value of 931MB to
441MB after SP4a.
Is this OK? Do I just need to change the thresholds in NRM?

Thanks, Rich Macaluso