I want to migrate from a 5.1 Server to a NW6 (SP5) server with the 8.1
Migration Wizard.
Everything works fine until DS Migration.

The following error occured on the target server:

An error occurred attempting to load NUWAGENT.NLM on Server XXXX; Error

Go to the server console and check to see what the error is. If this
server is a NetWare 4.x server, you may need to add a Load CLibAux.nlm to
the AUTOEXEC.NCF file and reboot the server, or just load CLibAux.nlm from
the console.

On the Server Console or on the logger screen of the NW6 server no errors
are visible. In sys:system migerr.log is empty.

I have updated the TSA files with tsa18.exe.

But nothing solved my problem

Thanks for any help and
regards from Austria

Reinhold Steininger