I have a job to migrate an old HW-server running NW6 to a new HW-server
that run NW6.5 SP4a(OES).
I downloaded the last "Server Consolidation Migration Toolkit 1.0", that
have Migration Wizard 8.1

I did a Pre-Miration installation on the new server and created an
temporary servername and tree. It seems ok and the server came up.
Now in Migration Wizard i select to "Migrate during hardware upgrade" and
selected the Source-server(old one) and login to the new server as target.
Then i choose the volumes to be "moved" and klick NEXT. Then i come to a
new Login-page where i must enter the password for both servers, but then
i got an error-msg about "Wrong Password for the Source Server".
I know the password is right! And then i couldnt go further :-(

I search the KB for solution and found a TID that say there is not
possible to migrate from NW6 to NW6.5!
Is this true?

It says i eighter upgrade the old server to 6.5 and then migrate or i
install a NW6 on the new on, do a migration and then do a In-box upgrade
to 6.5.

Can someone confirme this?

I cant upgrade the old one to 6.5 because it doesnt have enough RAM, so
then i have to install NW6 on the new one and then upgrade. I have bad
experiences with in-box upgrade. There is always something that doesnt
work! :-(

Can anyone help me?

Best regard,
Ronny Simonsen
Narvik - Norway

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