Just wanted to comment that last night I ended up patching Netware 6.5
from SP3 to SP4a.

On the servers that had all NSS volumes, it went without a hitch.
These servers also do NOT run Apache-based services that the network
relies on.

The server that does run Apache2 has a traditional SYS volume that we
plan on converting. It was truly a pain getting the SP installed.
Actually, just about every service pack has been a pain with the
server that has a TFS for SYS.

Every time I do a service pack, I have to monitor when it gets to
about 69% or so...it'll start loading or unloading iMonitor and plugin
files. At that point, I have to switch over to the system console
screen and manually kill java or my service pack will fail. There is
a TID out there about this but I don't have it up at the moment.

This time, I unloaded java and it went through as usual. It got to
100% of the install and hung there. I'm looking at this logger screen
to see what's up. Well, it attempt to unload java various ways, like
STOPX, java -exit, java -killall, etc. Java would not unload all the

Quickfinder indexes and Netware Web Search modules were launched as
part of the service pack process and they would not close. (I had
everything unloaded prior to the install to keep things clean.)

I had to manually unload these nlm's, which I was worried about.
Unloading things during a SP isn't what I like to do...I don't want to
abend anything. All went well after I got all the nlm's unloaded and
I restarted the server. Came up ok, minus Apache2.

The service pack blew away my contents of the httpd.conf file in
SYS:\Apache2\conf\. It kept 2 lines of it; that was it... iPrint or
iManager would not work, of course. I had to boot up my Virtual
Machine with Netware 6.5.4a on it and copy the file, changing some
values for the server name and virtual hosts.

Restarted apache2 and all started perfectly. Next time I service pack
one of these servers, I'll be backing that file up manually. It was
on tape, but I was at a remote site when I got the call about iPrint
not functioning correctly.

I don't know if it has anything to do with my setup, but that was
kinda bad that it blew away the httpd.conf contents. Glad I had my
Virtual Machine nearby! Not sure if anyone has had similar results,
but I'm not so sure why that happened.