We have GroupWise 6.5 running on an NW 5.1 SP8 server.
We'd like to Migrate the system to a new server.

The current Novell "Server Consolidation and Migration Tool"
uses a Migration Wizard v. 8.1 which only supports Migrating
to a NW 6.5 server. Since all of our servers are NW 5.1 SP8
(and our Certificate Authority Server is on another server)
I'd *prefer* a path of Migrating to the same O/S and dealing
with the NW 6.5 upgrades as a later/separate step.

Unfortunately, I'm unable to locate a copy of the Migration
Wizard 6.5 (which appears to be the latest copy available for
a NW 5.1 -to- NW 5.1 Migration).

- Is there a copy of Migration Wizard 6.5 available somewhere?
- Can the NW 5.1 server be Migrated to a NW 6.5 server--prior
to the Certificate Authority server being updated? (Without problems.)
- Are there any known issues with Migrating GroupWise to either
O/S system?
- Would it be better to hold off on the Migration and *quickly*
do a NW 6.5 upgrade to the Certificate Authority server, first?


Steve Conrad