I'm fairly new to Novell Administration and I'm not sure if this is posted
in the correct place so please bear with me. Here's my problem/story.

Recently, several of my users started having problems with their WinXP PCs
getting BSODs several times a day. All of the systems affected had recently
had WinXP SP2 installed. When I say recently I mean within about one month.
After researching the BSOD we discovered that a Novell client upgrade from
4.90 to 4.91 SP1 should resolve the problem. (It seems that the BSODs
occurred whenever the users attempted to attach to their mapped drives on
the Novell server)

We began to install the Novell Client 4.91 SP1 but we've run into some
strange problems. On some of the systems, when we do the Client 4.91 SP1
install the GroupWise Single Sign-in option stops working. The checkbox is
still there and it allows you to put a check in the box, but the next time
you launch GW the box is unchecked and you have to type the password again.
On other systems the Single Sign-on still works flawlessly after the 4.91
SP1 installation. I guess this would be a good time to mention we are
running GW 6.5. I honestly have no idea what we've done wrong but I need
some help please!

Thank you,
Steve Wilk