We have NDPS and iPrint version 3.0.5 installed and running on a 3 node
Netware 6 cluster. When the NDPS print manager starts it says it cannot
find our iPrint DNS location and quits. I recently had to move from our
DNS domain to a new domain. (We went from a domain of company.state.us
to companydns.state.us if that matters.) I have modified all hosts and
hostname files on all of our NW6.0sp4&5 and NW6.5sp3&4 servers and
restarted all. I have ran pkidiag on all servers.

We HAD a defined A record of iPrint.company.state.us in our previous
domain. We HAVE a NEW defined A record of iPrint.companydns.state.us in
our new domain. To get printing back online, I had to recreate our old
DNS name and recreate the iPrint A record as it was before and restart
our DNS server. Both references point to the same IP address.

My questions are how do I tell NDPS where the new iPrint DNS location is
and how do I change it?