Hello Everyone Again,

Thanks for your thoughts. The good news is that I finally have new hardware, so I can do an over the wire migration, in theory, at least for my main server.

I have a concern, though. Novell states they do not support an upgrade from 4.11 to 6.5. But, I get the impression that is for an in place upgrade. Do you think I will be OK with an over the wire upgrade?

Thanks in advance.

>>> Timothy Leerhoff<tleerhoffNO@SPAMqwest.net> 1/6/2005 10:37 AM >>>

Sounds like you might need to add a drive into the server.

On the NLMs you will need to test them. One way to do this is to get
the demo of 6.5 and install on a PC (this will re-write the HD!) or if
you have VMWare available you could make a server on your PC and test

Timothy Leerhoff
Novell Support Forum Volunteer Sysop