During the install of SP4a the server abended unloading Java and had to be
restarted. I Rebooted and brought the server up in stages until I could load
nwconfig and rerun the install. That worked and the install completed
successfully. However there are two issues:

1. Startx does not work, I can not get the GUI up I get a could not open
default font 'fixed' error I have tried VESA_RSP and that returns a Unable
to find load file error.

2. Virtual office (VO) is wacked. It loads and we can login however we get
two email buttons and neither work. The link from VO to imanager is
nonexistent and changes in imanager have no effect on VO.

If I can get the GUI up, I could uninstall and reinstall VO and probably
solve that issue.

Any help appreciated,

Yesterday it worked.
Today it is not working.
Windows is like that.