I have migrated from NW6 to NW6.5 SP4a and eDir8.8
After migration i installed all services on server like iPrint, iManager,
iFolder etc

But when im going to install Zen7, i couldnt add server to install zen on!
Only CIFS-server-share is comming up on browsing. I must stop CIFS and
then enter manally ip-adr for server. How can this happen? Im logged inn
as normal, using Novell Client 4.91SP1.

Is this some Zen-bug, or is it some NW-bug?

I have also a problem after rebooting server, when i login, no volumes is
mapped. But if i re-login, then it gets mapped as normal.

Best regard,
Ronny Simonsen
Narvik - Norway

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