I am trying to install Netware on a new basic system for testing - a
client of mine using Netware and they have contracted me to install a
Microsoft based Project 2003 system but I need to access the Directory
Services in Novell.

Anyway when I install the system it starts fine, loads the drivers for
the CDROM in the DOS portion, copies the files to the drive. Then it
starts the install and detects devices but halts because it can't detect
the CDROM? (Why wouldn't it just load the most basic version?) I believe
the problem actually is because the system is a SATA system. So the
drives (Harddrives) are SATA but the CDROM is on an IDE ATA133 port.

The system is an AMD SEMPRON with a Via chipset. Any ideas on how I can
get the drivers loaded?

Jeremie Legault