I am not sure if this is the right forum but I'll give it a chance anyway.
I am doing some testing on an HP DL380 G4 and NW6.5 SP4a.
My original config was 3HD in a RAID5 array + 1 online spare.
I decided to try expanding the logical drive in the RAID5 array by deleting
the online spare and including it in the array.
I loaded the Array Configuration Utility (CPQONLIN), deleted the online
spare and when I chose to expand the array by using the new unused drive
(old spare), the utility created a 2nd logical drive within the RAID5 array.
Not what I was expecting !!!
I spoke to an HP tech support rep. who told my that I could not do this
(extend the size of the current logical drive) with NetWare because of the
way NetWare handled volume and partitions. While talking to him I booted the
server with the Smartstart CD, ran ACU, removed the 2nd logical drive and
found the option (not available under CPQONLIN) to extend the 1st logical
drive with the now unused drive and everything was finally the way I wanted
it. The tech. rep. insisted that even though it looked like it was working,
it was not going to be stable and I was probably going to have problem later
So far everything looks OK to me...

Sorry for the long story but I am not sure what to think... Is that true, I
can't expand my logical drive within the array under NetWare 6.5?

Thank you.