We now need to upgrade our existing single NW5 and NW5.1 servers to NW65.
We also need to merge/graft our Tree into our holding company's Tree(
which is NW65 based).
We also have a need for iFolder 3, so we need to install an OES server.

Our holding company has sufficient user licences available for our users.

How should we do this?
I guess it would make sense to merge the trees first as the server
licences for NW65 would be the holding companys'. Are there any pitfalls
of grafting a mixed NW5 & 5.1 Tree to a NW 6.5 Tree?

How does user licencing work for an OES server in a NW65 Tree?
We only need it for about 20 users to run iFolder 3.


Stan Chelchowski