Probably not many of you are installing Netware servers in Hawaii time
zones but I do and the install always incorrectly puts the Hawaii time
zone as HST10HDT even if you uncheck the Daylight savings check box
during the install.

Hawaii does not have daylight savings time.

This has happened since version 5 of Netware and still does it with
Netware 6.5.

Afterword I have to manually change this in the Autoexec.. It's bitten me
a few times if I forget. Once causing about 2 hours of waiting since
during the migration, I had changed the time after the first copy, and
then the second copy (copy only newer files) thought ALL the files were

Another time with email appearing to be an hour earlier b/c the GWIA as
installed on it.

Just FYI if anyone knows the Novell Folks that puts this install script