Hello, i am about to upgrade our 6.0 server with 6.5 and have already
built a test machine. The install was very painless, and it happily
took SP4a and two other minor patches.

The machine is a AMD1200 1GB ram 1 80GB WD IDE (8meg cache 7200 RPM) and
a 50 user count. Also 3com 100 mb nic.

The issue now is that with only 1 windows 2000 box (not running the nw
client), the utilization bounces between 5-95%. To produce this load, i
was copying several ISO files from the 2k box to the NW6.5 server. (I
actually read in a log file that CPU had been => 95% for x ammount of

So that got me to wondering, are sata/ide recommended? SCSI's are still
quite expensive and if i can build a NW 6.5 box without using scsi,
that'll allow me to put the monies towards a faster cpu and more RAM.

PS: Up until about a week ago, i had never used the imanage web page,
but there seems to be some annoyances when waiting for it to load. It
appears Firfox won't work correctly with it and you have to use IE. Is
this the case??